May 24TH
Genesis Drop777Pieces


Genesis Drop
Size 777


  • Public mint .12 ETH
  • Allowlist mint .095 ETH
  • All Genesis Lunatics holders will get a FREE mint of Series 2 and all future drops, including all advisory board and launchpad drops.
01. - B
Lunatics Evolution
  • After mint, each Lunatic will reveal its basic shape and outline with all of the colors and attributes removed
  • Every 24 hours that a user holds, the Lunatic will evolve and add a new trait, revealing more of its final form and becoming richer and more colorful as it takes shape
  • The evolution happens automatically when the owner holds the Lunatic for the necessary amount of time
  • If a user sells or transfers their NFT, their Lunatic will remain in the evolutionary stage it was transferred in, and the evolutionary time resets to the baseline
  • This means new holders must wait 24 hours from the time of transfer to evolve to the next stage
01. - C
  • Original canvas paintings from Christopher Lizarraga at random.
  • 3 Black and white canvases from Christopher Lizarraga to holders of special edition NFTs.
7 days after mint
Soft Staking
  • Users will soft-stake their Lunatics. LUNATIC NFTs will not leave your wallet and, in turn, accumulates on-chain points for every day it is held.
  • Use points to unlock your own exclusive hand-embellished print from Christopher Lizarraga.
  • Unlocked animated versions of LUNATICS with points.
  • Spend points for allow-lists and nfts from partner projects.
Soft staking Points

Points will reset when the LUNATICS NFT is transferred/sold.

After Lunatic is fully evolved

All 777 of the genesis collection will be inscribed as an Ordinal on the Bitcoin (BTC) chain and will be available free to all holders in a snapshot.

Inscription Numbers

The inscribing will happen after mint and their inscription numbers will be posted for transparency.

More to come
Future Drops
  • Lunatics Series 2 drop will launch summer 2023 with Christopher Lizarraga's solo exhibition in London.
  • Drops throughout the year from advisory board members and other special guest artists.
Collection size  •  coming soon


FAIR Dutch Auction • Price decreases every 10 minutes • On-chain refund mechanism based on final price • First bids = first editions

Summer 2023
Summer 2023 Alongside Christopher solo exhibit
  • Genesis and Series 2 holders will vote on which piece from Christopher Lizarraga's solo exhibit to acquire.
  • Once acquired, the piece will be digitized and both versions will be owned by the DAO.
  • DAO will continue to acquire digital and physical art to add to the vault based on community proposals.
  • All profit generated by decisions of the DAO will be distributed to Lunatics holders with no royalties held.
Launchpad Drop
Launchpad Drop
  • Lunatics will help notable artists from the physical art world and community creators enter the NFT space.
  • All Lunatics Genesis holders will get free mints for every Launchpad release.
  • Starting Fall 2023
The Lunatics

Contemporary artist Christopher Lizarraga's work has a powerful and immediately recognizable style. Incorporating elements of Latin American Cubism, combined with influence from the street art of Los Angeles, Lizarraga's paintings infuse enigmatic shapes with bold colors formed through detailed line work and a dynamic application of mixed media.

Lizarraga continues to garner international attention as one of the most exciting artists of the street art scene, not least because of his creative relationships with some of the most prominent street artists in L.A. Lizarraga is currently represented by the House of Fine Art in London and has exhibited in locations around the world, including standout features at the Tracy Park Gallery and the “Matter and Form” exhibition in London. The LUNATICS Genesis collection is inspired by Lizarraga's fine art paintings, which evoke the inner LUNATIC in us all.

Leonardo Fonseca, aka Nuxer, is a self-taught 3D artist and creative junkie, who has spent the last eight years of his career exploring and sharpening his craft to push the boundaries of the CGI environment. Nuxer's art is deeply inspired by futuristic and minimalist approaches that combine powerful shifts between the absence of color and vibrant hues that create a unique visual impact.

Nuxer approaches every piece with a special attention to detail, so the viewer is allowed to discover the intricate nature of computer-generated imagery. Combining his unique digital aesthetic with Christopher Lizarraga's contemporary fine artworks, Nuxer helped bring the LUNATICS Genesis collection to life in 3D.

Chris Rivers, aka MontereyJack3D, has been working in the NFT space full-time for two years and is currently Director of Product Management at Nifty's, a previous NFT publisher and current creator platform for users to build engagement experiences and distribute NFTs in a variety of fun and innovative ways without needing to code. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA specializing in Information Technology and Entrepreneurship.

He has been involved in startups most of his career, previously leading product at an AI-based 3D analytics startup called Pointivo. He specializes in building out project plans, go-to-market strategy, innovating on contract mechanics, and roadmap design.

Bianca Michel has been building brands and communities in the Web3 and technology space for over six years, leading community initiatives for startups, scaleups and global corporations alike. Bianca is passionate about bridging the gap between community, user experience, and the next use case for projects by developing and implementing effective community strategies that drive engagement and growth.

Bianca has a deep understanding of the Web3 landscape and is adept at identifying emerging trends and opportunities to drive community growth. She is a skilled communicator with a talent for building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders and community members. Whether working with an early-stage startup or a large-scale corporation, Bianca brings a wealth of stakeholder knowledge and experience to the table to deliver engaging and impactful community experiences.

Tim jumped into NFTs in late 2021 and quickly loved the blend of community and technology. He's been full-time in Web3 community management since early 2022 and has loved helping people onboard into Web3. He holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a Masters in Leadership. His background in development and his passion for community made the NFT space a perfect place for him.